Evolve comes from the Latin word ēvolvere, "to unroll". It also can mean to develop gradually or set free.

Throughout our lives we are all constantly evolving mentally, physically and emotionally . Sometimes those changes come naturally as we age and mature, sometimes life events change us and certainly we are changed and challenged by the people around us - who are themselves in this process. It's no wonder we can feel overwhelmed by life.


At Evolve Therapy Team, we like to help our clients discover a way back to the calm or to increase resilience to cope with what life throws at us or to provide an opportunity to discover who we really are at our core.

We all began this group in Hong Kong but two of have relocated - one to New Zealand and another to South Africa but we remain together as a team. Through our diverse backgrounds, experience and training, we can provide support both for children, teenagers and adults on a range of issues. Please explore our bios on this website and maybe read some of our blog posts to get a sense of who we are and whether you feel one of us may be a good match for you.


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